Saturday, November 26, 2011

Brass Bits...

Some of the brass parts have started arriving...
First package, Brass neckbolts and belly pistons.
No photos of the belly pistons at the moment but here are a few of the neck bolts..

my wife says they're eyes but I say "NO!"

Here they are on the mask...



The right bolt is popping out a bit in the next two photos (left side of the photo) which makes it look like it doesn't fit in the nook where it's supposed to sit but it actually fits under there pretty nicely. When I make the adjustments to the mask I'll be changing the tabs that go from the face part of the mask. right now they are slightly small and too high. The plan is to make them wider and extend them back from side of the face to give slightly more room inside. Similar to some of the photos I've seen of the screen used masks.

They new neck bolts are very slightly larger than the resin cast versions that came with the mask. Not much. Only a few millimeters. I'll measure them when I have a moment and update this post... not sure which version is the more accurate size but they are similar enough that I'm not concerned at the moment.

What's next? Hopefully the fiberglass body parts will start showing up any day. I'm 17 weeks into a 10-20 week wait. So, needless to say I'm getting very antsy. I want to get started on them soon so I can get the chroming process underway.

Also ordered, brass eyes, which are actually slightly smaller than the resin eyes that are in here now. Which is a shame because I bet they would have fit the original eye openings that I widened in an earlier post. I have some tweaks to do to the mask still so I dont' mind reworking the eyes while those things are in progress. I think the smaller version will be more accurate.

Also in route to me now are the brass arm pistons from Fenix props. I've been tracking the shipping as they travel from Argentina and they should be here soon.

More updates soon!


  1. Can't wait for your parts to arrive!! Did you order the smaller or larger chest and arms? The larger arms are quite big..

  2. I bought the larger chest but I got the screen sized arms. I'm hoping everything gets here soon. I'm like a dog. I run to the window every time I hear the delivery truck coming down the street!