Thursday, July 12, 2012

Can you give me a hand? Oh... Thanks!

New hands arrived!!! Took a LONG time but I think they were worth the wait.
They are copied from an actual prop and have all the weird imperfections of the screen used hands.
IMG_1265 IMG_1266

The material is flexible and seems thin enough that wearing them shouldn't relatively trouble free.
Only a small area near the openings is slightly thicker than the rest and this can easily be shaved down.

Compared with the fiberglass hands, the top plate is nearly identical but the fingers on the fiberglass versions are slightly larger.

The length of the hand plates is different on the left and right hands, which is also true with the fiberglass versions

Even the snaps that were on the real prop are molded in...IMG_1251

Knuckle details are not captured too great but one of them is almost perfect.

Based on seeing these hands, I'm about 95% sure the knuckle greebles are made from earring backs "bullet clutches" they come in quite a variety of shapes but the general size is (height and diameter) is about the same, and that matches what's on the hand.
Seems like the styles with the more bulbous ends are a closer match. I'm going to keep looking until I find the best looking.
You can purchase these at a craft store for a few dollars and during my search I actually found 2000 of them for $10 on ebay! probably overkill....

BTW, you can find most of these styles in gold color too.


Another cool thing is that the holes for mounting the hand pistons are very clear.
IMG_1245 IMG_1244

By taking measurements from the holes I was able to update my 3d printed hand pistons with barbed studs that will plug into the holes in the top of these flexible hands.




Below is a link to my Shapeways store and an interactive 3d preview of the parts.

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