Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ah, new acquisitions! You are a protocol droid, are you not?

I've got some photos to got along with this updated. I'll add them after work today... 


  1. Cool stuff there, Gordon. You must have a really supportive girlfriend or wife. Mine just about killed me when she found out I was doing 3PO after just finishing my TK and starting medical school.

  2. Gordon, I'm sure you've been busy with all your projects and you've probably looked at the starwarshelmets.com with regard to these lids, but I figured I'd toss in my 2-cents anyways. The helmet that seems to have the wider eyes with the narrow space to the outside of the eyes looks to me like the Vos helmet shown about 1/3 the way down this page : http://starwarshelmets.com/fan-made-droids-c-3po-r2-d2.htm