Thursday, March 7, 2013

BACK from California!


*UPDATE!* The video has been posted!

I had a blast working on this. On top of being Threepio, I ended up doing some last minute background and matte painting work for Jabba's palace and the interior of the Millenium Falcon.
The R2-D2 and Wall-E both belong to Micheal McMaster. He was great fun. Threepio's voice was done in post by the most excellent Chris Bartlett.



Just back from California, here's a little bit about my trip and some comments regarding the storage totes I purchased for the trip.

Here's some rambly video about the trip and some new neck/neck bolt mods I did just before leaving.

Quick video of the shooting location at Red Rock Canyon state park in California.

Some photos from the trip, (I'll add more as I get them)
Threepio, Artoo and Sam in The California Desert

Filming the Droids in the Desert.

At the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California
gordon c3po

Standing in C-3PO's footprints in front of the famous Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California.
PS-C3PO in his footsteps

Showing the storage containers I purchased

First storage tote I purchased, the Stanley 37 in. Mobile Job Box

This box is really nice. The construction and materials are good and strong. The wheels and handle work great and the latches and lock are a nice touch. Plus, the whole suit can fit inside. Biggest problem is that it's WAY too big to get on the plane without paying a huge fee for over-size luggage.

This can be purchased at the link below.

What I ended up using, the Centrex Plastics, LLC 2-Piece Plastic Rolling Cargo Trunk
Centrex Plastics, LLC 2-Piece Plastic Rolling Cargo Trunk
The size of this box was just right, maybe even slight too snug BUT fit what I needed and I wasn't charged for an over-sized container when taking this on the plane.
The construction wasn't horrible but it's not nearly as nice as the Stanley tool chest I initially purchased. The wheels and handle feel really cheap and the plastic shell doesn't have much structural reinforcement along the sides. Overall, it did the trick and I'll continue to use it but will remain on the lookout for something nicer.

This can be purchased at the link below.

This is the storage bin I think I would like to own, the Stanley 24 Gal. Mobile Chest

 Stanley 24 Gal. Mobile Chest
This one has the perfect blend between the two. It has many of the same features and construction I liked on the 37" box has but a size closer to the 25 gallon box. I looked for one of these but couldn't find one before the trip.
There is a store called Skycraft here in Florida that sells VERY good quality, used flight cases for around $50. If I can find one with similar dimensions, I'll pick one up, if not, I'll keep looking for this one.

This can be purchased at the link below.

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