Sunday, April 7, 2013

Busy Weekend for the Droid

Well, this was the last weekend at the Where Science Meets Imagination so, of course, Threepio couldn't miss it. I'm a bit bummed about it leaving the Orlando Science Center. It was a great place for Threepio to do appearances. It was consistent, full of actual Star Wars fans, (which is particularly fun for Threepio) and one block from my brother's house so I would get to see him while I was there. Bonus!
The museum was kind enough to give us some of the staff shirts that were worn for Where Science Meets Imagination. They have one of the classic "A New Hope" poster designs on the front and the back is the "Where Science Meets Imagination" info. Pretty neat.

Looking for photos of this event now.
I'll post photos here as I come across them. One of the Artoo builders got a bit of video.

On the way there I ran into  traffic and was late for a Star Wars themed marriage proposal. I was there early enough to see the setup for it but no way to get Threepio setup in time. :(

Here's a clip of it happening. Threepio made it into this video but wasn't there for the proposal.

Today was the second day of the Tampa Bay Comic Con, which was extremely crowded this time. The amount of people was easily 10 times the amount of the last one I went to. They started turning people away. Stopped selling tickets, refunding money for for pre-sold tickets that didn't arrive before 1pm etc. The 501st guys made a spot for Threepio and two R2-D2s and kept the crowd from breaking the droids. There were many photos taken, I'll post here as I find them....

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