Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Neck Template

My version of the neck and some templates if you want to make your own.

The movie suits used a similar configuration except with the use of 1/4-turn Dzus fasteners. I've purchased a few of these but I bought the wrong size. Ordering more soon and will post updates as to how they compare.

These are pushed through from the inside of the neck and glued into place.

Looks like this when done.
This sticks out just far enough to grab onto the holes on tabs of the mask's face but don't interfere with the back of the helmet.

Printable Versions below.

Full-Page 11x17 Version
GT---C-3PO Neck Template V1---11x17

LEFT AND RIGHT SIDES for "Letter" Sized print outs. 
LeftGT---C-3PO Neck Template V1---8.5x11-LEFT  Right GT---C-3PO Neck Template V1---8.5x11-RIGHT

These need to be printed at 100%
I've added dimensions for anyone who wants to make one from scratch.
The various measurements may have to be customized to fit your specific needs...

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  1. Cheers Gordon, this will save me a lot of trial and error. Off to find T-Nuts now!