Tuesday, July 9, 2013

ASK C-3PO!!!

If you've got a question, C-3PO may have an answer! (or he may ask Artoo for help...)

Ways to ask C-3PO questions...
Follow the links below and post a question in the comments on his
Or YouTube pages. 


  1. Hi, C3PO. Is it true that Star Wars was originally an 18 certificate until they bleeped out all of R2D2's swear words?

  2. Hi C3PO! What are the chances that a lightsaber can cut vibranium or adamantium?

  3. Hello, C3P0. I am wondering if you could give me the odds. My friend is in the hospital and I have no clue which one or why. My grandpa is also in the hospital. What are the odds that they're in the same hospital? Tell me the number (like 300 to 1) and tell me whether they're good or bad odds. Signed, A Fan Named Autism Robotrix Or A1R1.

  4. Do you sell c3po builds? Thanks