Friday, December 23, 2011

Hand Pistons... Part 1

The last missing piece to the build (besides the already purchased parts that have not arrived yet... )
are the "pistons" on the back of the hand.

I may eventually purchase a set made out of brass but for now I'm going to have a few 3d printed and make molds so I can recreate them from resin. The 3d model was sent to Shapeways for printing.

Using 3d studio max, I modeled a set based on the TK409 template but made some small adjustments based on the photo above.
C3PO hand piston v1

Did a quick test render to see how they'll look...
HandPistons Test render

I'll have the part 2 sometime in early January when the parts arrive...
Stay tuned!

Click here for PART 2

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