Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hand Pistons... Part 2

To see the part one, click here
SO, the first versions of the hand pistons came in from ShapeWays.
I think they look really good. I wanted to try a couple of the materials to get an idea of how much detail would hold up in the 3d printing process.
The one on the right is the cheapest material option called "WSF" which stands for "White Strong Flexible"
The version on the left is made from the "White Detail" material and was a bit more expensive.


While the "White Detail" material does seem to be sharper and cleaner, it is slightly warped and very fragile. I actually dropped and broke it within 5 seconds of taking it out of the package. I did push the limits on how thin they can print, and I expected them to be fragile but I didn't expect to break one so quickly.

The WSF material would be my choice when I get more made. It's cheaper and almost as good looking as the detail material but it's straighter and much stronger.





To see Hand Pistons Part 3 click HERE

If you want to get a set of 6 of these hand pistons, here's a link to my shapeway store.
They can be made from a variety of materials, all the prices should be on the right side.
Six pistons made from the WSF material in the photos above are $20.15 

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