Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hand Pistons... Part 3

The full batch of 3d printed hand pistons just arrived from Shapeways and they look great!

I connected them all on a small tree to make printing and shipping a bit easier.



Detail looks really nice. Up close there is a very slight texture, about the same as unsanded primer but it's basically unnoticeable from more than a few inches away.


The parts are plenty strong and have some give so I'm not afraid of them snapping off.
I may do a second batch that has a hole down the middle to allow for a small metal reinforcement rod or nail. I'll know more after I attach these to the suit and see how they hold up.

To see more info and to get information on how to get a set, check out the links below.
Hand Pistons Part 1
Hand Pistons Part 2

If you want to get a set of 6 hand pistons, here's a link to my shapeway store.
They can be made from a variety of materials, all the prices should be on the right side.
Six pistons made from the WSF material in the photos above are $20.15

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