Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Eye Options

After being really happy with how the hand pistons have turned out, I've decided to make budget parts for fellow c3po builders that are nicer than many of the resin versions but cheaper than the brass offerings.
I Just modeled three of the popular c3po eye styles plus a slight variant on the FAC version (saves on material and makes for cheaper printing costs.)
C3PO Eye Variants
Above is a rendering of the 3d models, made in 3d studio max, rendered with vray.
The printed versions will be the grill and back cover only, the clear plaskolite, brass tube and LEDs will have to be purchased by the builder. Parts should be available at the local hardware store.

3PO Eye Styles for Shapeways
I uploaded the versions above to shapeways and ordered a set of Zorg style eyes for myself to be sure they come out decently and are size accurate to my 3d model. When my parts arrive I'll post photos and a link to my shapeway store if anyone is interested in purchasing a set.

I'll be making printable versions of all the greeblie parts and posting as I go. If I missed an eye style or if you have requests for greeblie parts, let me know and I'll move them higher on my To-Do list.

The Shapeways eyes arrived! here's a link to a newer post if you want to check them out. 

On another note... THE REST OF MY PARTS ARRIVED TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll post some photos of the complete suit and some thoughts in the next day or so. 


  1. Where did you get the specs/files for the Zorg eyes? I'm trying to get some brass one's made. Thanks.

    1. I dug up the eye specs on the C3PO builders forums. They're based on the Moncal eye size chart. If you are going for brass, I would contact Moncal for them. They are VERY nicely made and the price is right. (That's what I'll be using as my "hero" set. They look fantastic.) His email can be found someplace in this forum thread.