Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gold rush!

My Alsa "Stretch Chrome" samples arrived today. They sent plenty to experiment with. The chrome looks awesome. The gold is very nice but is slightly too yellowy for my taste although not horrible.
There are plenty of other color samples in here too.

The chrome is very reflective. The photo doesn't do it justice. You can easily and clearly see objects reflected on the other side of the room. I took video too. I'll post it in when I have a few minutes.

The gold is very reflective too but like I mentioned before is a bit yellow for my taste BUT the color does looks good in photos...


The material is reasonably thick. Not too bad but enough where I was doubtful about the detail that could show through so I did some quicky tests.

Detail on the bottom of a solo cup shows through decently. I think with some heating and a little bit more work it would capture all the detail. This stuff heats easily with a hair dryer. I think a heat gun might actually be overkill.

I stuck some on a stapler and it worked pretty nice. I noticed that you need a decent amount at the edges so that you have something to hold onto when pulling it around sharp angles and bends.

I found a few videos on youtube of people applying similar products and the were able to bend it around all kinds of intricate shapes. I'll try to learn some of the technique and give this another shot.

Looks like this video shows a primer "3m Primer 94" that helps the edges hold better.

This material is similar but slightly softer. There are some good tips in here and a few handy tools.

Tips on removing bubbles and wrinkles

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