Monday, February 13, 2012

It's all here!

After an almost 30 week wait... It's HERE!!!!

All the parts were very nicely wrapped for safe shipping.

The right arm, fresh out of shipping container...  Everything looked even better than I expected!

All parts removed and unwrapped.

The box actually has a wood support frame to protect the parts. Very sturdy and nothing was harmed in shipping.

The pile of greeblie parts and pistons, including the shapeways parts.
I'll be remaking 3d printable versions of all the included greeblie parts soon.

Top half tossed together on the sofa with the machined brass arm pistons from fenix props.

Legs on the PVC stand. This mannequin is getting redone soon. I'll post photos of the new version.

First time setup on a PVC mannequin. Looks great, but need to get the fingers on the gloves. This probably won't matter as soon as I finish (or buy, if they become available) the glove style molded hands.

Eyes turned on.
The head is under construction and the mask upgrades are still in progress but are getting close. In an upcoming post I'll go into detail about that.

Thankfully most of the suit fits me. The only parts I had problems with are the upper arms. They fit all the way up until they hit my shoulders, which are slightly too large so I'll need to expand the tops of the arms slightly to fit. The forearms fit fine but my hand BARELY fit though the wrist holes. Once they are on the actually fit really nice.
My wife helped me put the torso parts on, which would be practically impossible without another person's help. The torso was snug right across the middle of my chest but it does fit. Taking a deep breath feels constricted but if i'm just standing around or walking it's totally fine. I just have to make sure I don't try to run any races. ;)

Trying one of the legs.... over my pants. But it still looks really neat.

The knee hinge lines up nicely on my leg.



The vacuformed shoes are very small on my feet. Being barefoot, not even socks, my foot barely fits under them. I'll be making a set about 1.5 sizes larger and made from rubber. Not to mention, within a few minutes of walking around my house like this, I already put some cracks in the foot. I'll probably keep these as display feet since they are hollow on the bottom which makes running the PVC legs through a base a convenient way to display the suit.
More soon!!!

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