Friday, January 20, 2012

What beautiful eyes you have!

New eyes came in at the same time as the head antenna, both from Faraway Creation.
The new eyes opened up a whole new can of worms.. or reopened an old can or... something like that...
Let me dig through this mess and see if I can begin to explain...

Ok, here we go. An old eye on the left, and the new on the right...
See the difference? The one on the left is larger diameter by a few millimeters. Most people would never notice but when I'm staring at screen shots of Threepio for hours and looking back and forth it was more and more apparent that the kit eyes were slightly too large and giving our golden friend an even more than usual look of surprise. This had to be fixed! So, smaller sized eyes were purchased...

Good example of how much larger diameter the old eyes are.

Now the fun begins...
When I received my mask, the eye holes were too small for the eyes that it came with. So, if you saw my earlier post where I was so proud of myself for resizing the eye holes so nicely, you'll know that I now have repairs to do. Which is a bummer because the original holes would have probably fit these eyes perfectly.


But, now that I'm in the process of fixing the eye holes (which is coming out great btw!) I've worked up the nerve to tackle the other issues I was having with this mask as shown in this post .
Doing this work has given me loads more confidence in my abilities so I will probably be doing some serious mods to the mask before it goes off to be metallized/chromed.

Unless my other parts show up (just got word that they were shipped so should be soon now!), the next post will be a long one about refitting the eyes and fixing the mask up.

back to sanding...


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