Monday, October 22, 2012

Random Productivity

Just another rambly update...
Some metal experiments, new mask progress, new resin eye, etc, etc...


  1. Wow! that was an update and a half! I'm so impressed by your stuff, G. As you might know, currently trying to get a fibreglass cast of my SC roto head, so that I can enlarge it to be more comfortable. Is your ESB head really bigger than the SC roto? If so, should I just save time and $ by getting one of those?

  2. You're doing some great work here, Gordon. Of course, now that I have my SC roto, and I see your work with the new fiberglass, I'm tempted to pick up yet another helmet once you finish everything up.

  3. Nice! Good find on the Windex. I have a couple Ideas I want to try out, branching out from the work you've been doing. Hopefully pulling all this together we can find a good solution for DIY Metal..