Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Where Science Meets Imagination at the OSC

This post: Orlando Science Center and a few updates...

Sorry for speaking so quietly. I made this video in the early hours of the morning and didn't want to wake the family.

A few photos from my first troop event at the OSC








IMG_6349 PS-IMG_6360 PS-IMG_6333

PS-IMG_6399 PS-IMG_6389 PS-IMG_6362 PS-IMG_6402

Getting better at packing the droid with each event....

Everything fits into this box except the arms. (and my tool box of extra goodies)

I've been using one of my skateboards to roll the whole setup to and from the car. Works great. Eventually I'll get a proper folding cart...

New helmet progress update...
These are two resin cast faces from my mold.
Left is straight from the mold, untouched copy.
As a test, the one on the right (also worn to the Orlando Science Center in the photos above) has the lip added, similar to the prequel trilogy helmets. I used exact measurements off of my other face to sculpt the ring. I like this part of the design and this mod will most likely make it into the GT Props kit along with neck tabs that match the newer style helmets.

Mated to the back of my Starbuckcylon fiberglass head. The opening slightly squeezes the face making it appear slightly narrower. This will be my temporary setup until I finish the new back half.

The existing rear half I'm working from is really beat-up...

...but has some great detail that even the later screen-used helmets lack. This makes me believe it was cast from a fairly early version of the helmet, ESB or ANH...

Head was silvered (new version on the right) IMAG5240
The Zorg eyes (used in the photo above) are slightly too small in diameter (notice the slight gap) and about %30 deeper than the actual eye sockets in the mask. I trust that the mask is screen accurate, new, custom eyes have been 3d modeled and printed

They almost perfectly match the screen used eyes in the photos below..
screenused-eyes1 screenused-eyes2

Compare this to the shape of the Zorg sized eyes and there's a big difference in depth.

The size is PERFECT for the new helmet... IMAG5342

Molds of the new eyes are being made now to go along with the kit.... IMAG5350
First half of the silicone is curing as I type this....

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